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Tropic Pools

Our range of Tropic Pools offer a beautiful looking pool which are Hassle-free, and a practical range for all your needs.

Equipment Included

  • Sand filter including the sand
  • In-pool stainless steel ladder
  • Wooden access ladder
  • Skimmers, and return fittings.
  • 0.50mm Liner in dark blue.
  • Underlay
  • Wood coping thickness 28mm and width 195mm.
  • Solid class IV treated northern 45mm pine.

The elegant design of the Tropic Pool guarantees seamless aesthetic integration into your garden. The structure, made of carefully selected solid wood, is compatible with above-ground installation only. The wooden plant housing (available as an option) can be installed to allow access to the filtration equipment.

Some of this range can be installed without the need for a concrete base, so please take a look at the installation manual on each pool.


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