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Odyssea Pools

Our range of Odyssea pools offer a beautiful looking pool which are fitted out with high-end state-of the art technical equipment:

Equipment Included

  • 2 Halogen underwater lights, 50W, 1 electrical panel
  • Sand filter including the sand
  • In-pool stainless steel ladder
  • Wooden access ladder
  • SkimmerS, and return fittings with vacuum point. (All pool fittings match the colour of the liner)
  • 0.75mm Liner in a choices of 3 colours with co-ordinating coping (as shown above)
  • Underlay
  • 280uF bubble solar cover
  • Wood coping thickness 35mm and width 285mm
  • Solid class IV treated northern 45mm pine
  • Dechlorinator - Ecological, it dechloroinates backwash water.

The intelligent, elegant design of the ODYSSEA POOL guarantees seamless aesthetic integration into your garden. The structure, made of carefully selected solid wood, is compatible with in-ground*, partially in-ground* or above-ground installation*. In the case on an in-ground* or partially in-ground* configuration, the wooden plant housing (available as an option) must be installed to allow access to the filtration equipment.

*For inground use we can supply wood protection membrane, to protect the wood from damage.

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