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Tropic Octo+ 640 - Octagonal 6.27m x 3.86m Wooden Pool

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Tropic Octo+ 640 - Octagonal 6.27m x 3.86m Wooden Pool

Our range of Tropic pools offer a beautiful looking pool which are a straight forward practical range including: 2 ladders, skimmer and return fittings, liner in dark blue, sand filter & sand.

The TROPIC POOL guarantees a hassle free integration into your garden. The structure, made of carefully selected solid wood, is for above-ground installation only.


Tropic wooden pools above or in ground


Tropic+ 640 - 6.27m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 627 x 386cm
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 591 x 350cm
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 20.36
  • Water surface area (m²) 18.51
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets


Equipment Included

  • P-FI Sand filter including the filter sand 25kg (Flow rate of 5.2m3/h)
  • In-pool stainless steel ladder (internal 3 treads)
  • Wooden access ladder (external 4 treads5)
  • 1 Skimmer and 1 return fitting
  • 0.50mm Liner in dark blue
  • Underlay
  • Wood thickness 28mm and width 195mm
  • The structure is made of class IV treated Northern 45mm pine.


Underlay for Odyssea Wooden Swimming Pools Sand Filter for Weva Wooden Swimming Pools  
Underlay to help protect the liner P-FI Sand Filter and 25kg Sand  


Heating Options Available for this Pool and Filtration Pump:

Heat Pumps which are the most economical way to Heat your pool:

Eco+9 Heat Pump for pools 9 Kw Summer Use Angel Fire Heat Pumps

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Single fan

10Kw SunSpring Heat Pump 
Summer use only (May-Sep)
12.6kw Angel Fire Heat Pump 
Extended Season use (Apr-Oct)
9kw Thermotec Inverter Heat Pump 
All Year use 


Or an Electric Heater, which is cheaper to buy. However, you get 1 Kw of output for every 1 Kw of input in power. So more expensive to run than the Heat pump option.

6 Kw Elecro Evo Electric Pool Heater

6Kw Elecro Evo Electric Pool Heater,

(Must be kept Indoors or in Plant Housing)

Optional Extras Available:

We offer a wide range of options which are compatible with this pool including cleaners, lights, pool covers etc.

Please click on an image below to see details for the option: -

Star Vac Pool Cleaner Heat Pump Winter Cover Made to Measure Above Ground bypass kit for Heat Pumps
Pool Cleaner
(Robotic or Suction Cleaner) 

Heat pump Winter Cover needed for

the Duratech Heat Pumps only

Heat Pump Bypass Kit
 Counter Swim for Odyssea wooden pools above or in ground Slatted Cover for Odyssea wooden pools above or in ground   Plant Housing for Swimming Pools 
 Counter Swim Current System  Electrically operated Slatted Pool Cover

Pine Plant Housing

(Housing of Filtration Pump 

and possibly the Electric Heater)

Solar Bubble Cover for Weva Wooden Pool  Swim Teather belt for Swimming Pools Winter CoverOdyssea Octo+840 wooden pools above or in ground  
Solar Bubble Cover Swim Tether  Pool Winter Debris Cover 
Small Chlorine Floating Dispenser for swimming pools  Cleaning and Maintenance Kit for Above ground Pools  Wooden Pool Hydraulic Cleaner
Floating Chlorine Dispenser  Pool Maintenance Kit
(Net, Pole, Thermometer etc) 
Hydraulic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Under Water Lights for Weva Wooden Pool    
UW Light 300W/12V in White    


Other Models Available:

Octagonal Pools in the Tropic Range:

Tropic Octo+ 640 wooden pools above or in ground


Tropic hexa 410 wooden pools above or in ground

Tropic Octo 414 wooden pools above or in ground Tropic Octo 505 wooden pools above or in ground


Tropic Hexa 410 - 4m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 403
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 359
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 9.15
  • Water surface area (m²) 8.11
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets


Tropic 414 - 4.14m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 414
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 379
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 11.17
  • Water surface area (m²) 9.92
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets

Tropic 505 - 5m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 505
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 470
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 17.20
  • Water surface area (m²) 15.64
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets

Tropic Octo+450 wooden pools above or in ground

Tropic Octo+510 wooden pools above or in ground Tropic Octo+540 wooden pools above or in ground


Tropic Octo+ 450 - 4.5m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 452 x 313
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 416 x 277
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 10.66
  • Water surface area (m²) 9.89
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets


Tropic Octo+ 510 - 4.95m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 495 x 345
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 459 x 309
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 14.14
  • Water surface area (m²) 12.85
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets

Tropic Octo+ 540 - 5.23m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 523 x 313
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 487 x 277
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 13.43
  • Water surface area (m²) 12.21
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets
Tropic Octo+ 640 wooden pools above or in ground    

Tropic Octo+ 640 - 6.27m - (120cm deep)

  • Outer dimensions (cm) 627 x 386cm
  • Inner dimensions (cm) 591 x 350cm
  • Height, coping included (cm) 120
  • Water volume (m³) 20.36
  • Water surface area (m²) 18.51
  • Packaging - 2 Pallets

Badu Jet Outboard Counter swim units in 3 flow rates


Aquatic exercise is one of the best exercises you can do. Gentle and soothing - with no stress on joints or bones Swimming is a superior method for staying in shape.

With a Badu Swimjet system, any pool can become an aquatic workout center. You'll burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches by swimming against a gentle or increasingly insistent current. You control the degree of workout you want building body, mind and spirit.

Any pool, large or small, can provide a mild to olympic style workout with endless swimming. Whatever type of pool you currently own or plan to build, a Badu Jet system will increase overall use and value.

A swimjet system creates a current within otherwise still water. To accomplish this, the water is pumped into the pool through one, two or three specifically engineered large recessed nozzles. These nozzles are mounted in an underwater housing in the pool wall or in a housing installed over the wall.

The water pump that comes with the system works specifically with the swimjet nozzles to create a current of up to 5,700 GPM. The jet nozzles can be adjusted to change the depth and width of the current for an enjoyable experience or a low impact water exercise.

Installing the Badu Counter current is easy because it does not require any masonry work.

Aquatic exercise is a great way to keep fit and have a good physical condition. With BADUJET Outboard Swims, there's no need to travel to the sea or the municipal pool for swimming. Your pool becomes a real training center ... without any work. Also, you can control the power of the current for a soft or really sporty training!

Thanks to a the Badu pump, the jets deliver a flow rate of either 20/40 or 54m3/h depending on the model you choose.

The controls are directly accessible from the device on the front (Integrated air intake and pneumatic control button)

It exists in single-phase (230V) or three-phase (400V*) power supply, making it suitable for all installations.

The Badu Jet Perla is equipped with a multicolored LED spotlight for pool lighting.

*3 phase model are available on request.

Badu Jet Counter Swim Jet unit

Badu Counter Current Video


tropic wooden pools above or in ground

Installation and Assembly

The pool can be assembled by most competent DIY installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man to assemble the pool. 

A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections.

The pool can be laid on flat, level grass which has been cleared of all stones and sharp objects which could damage the liner.

Alternatively, a flat, level concrete slab can be laid to take the weight of the pool and to avoid it moving or sinking once filled with water. 

Underlay is supplied with the pool which is laid under the liner to help protect it from damage

Please see the user manual for details of how to install the pool

Please ensure that you have sufficient time, labour, tools and the skill required to assemble the pool before purchasing

Please contact us if you have any queries

Delivery and Packing Details

The wooden pool will be delivered in several large wooden pallets on a high sided lorry.

Before delivery, the delivery company should call you to arrange a suitable delivery date

When the lorry arrives at your property, you will need to unload each piece of wood from the pallets and stack them in your garden ready for assembly.

Having additional help to unload the wood when the pool is essential to  reduce the unloading time. We recommend that 4-5 people are available to unload the pool at the time of delivery. 

Please inform us in advance if your property has restricted access for large vehicles


The warranty on the Tropic pool range is

  • 10 years on the structure, pool fittings, underlay & coping
  • 5 years on the filter
  • 2 years on the ladder, liner & pump

Product Literature

Duratech BrochureBadu Counter Current Leaflet


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  • Model: Tropic Wooden Pool Octo+ 640
  • Shipping Weight: 70kgs