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Seamaid White or Multicolour LED spotlight for Above-Ground Pools - 18/36 LED 8W with remote

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LED Underwater Light
You have to choices in this range of under water LED lights. For hanging on the inlet nozzle and thus quickly installed and retrofittable.
(Including remote control with the coloured lights only)

Lighting Kit for above ground pools, compatible with any above ground pool to rigid wall.
This new lighting system can be installed on an existing return nozzle in the tank.
The "head" of the nozzle allows you to keep it in place.
ABS base to be fixed on the return nozzle.
Ultrasonic welded polycarbonate lens.
Power cord 2 × < span class = notranslate ' > </span> 0.75 mm Ø of 6 meters to pass below the rim.
Transformer 220V/12Vac with grip. 4 radio control functions provided. 

Transformer, power cord and return nozzle provided. 

Defendant: Made of polycarbonate and ABS injection which gives it a high resistance to shock, heat and to chemical products for water treatment.

Reliable and safe: A perspective, especially developed for aquatic lighting, friction welding, makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous light distribution, harmonious and not blinding for bathers.

ECONOMIC: The light source comprising LED enables significant savings of energy use; color variations: 7 set colours and 3 automatic sequences.

il SeaMAID Lighting Kit e Provided by a 6 m cable, a transformer 230V/12VAC type socket, a radio remote control and return nozzle with inner Groove attack < span class = notranslate ' > 1.5 </span> ".

Easy to install: Just pick up the headlight cover and unscrew the return nozzle. Position the front wall grommet lighthouse and replace the nozzle. If the existing nozzle model is not appropriate, use the one supplied. Route the cable under the rim and plug it into an electrical outlet.


Camping details tecniche:

  • Color temperature: multicolored RVB
  • # Of led: 36
  • Programs: 7 set colours and 3 automatic programmes
  • The last used program memory and Reset function
  • Power on/off: on/off + radio remote control provided
  • Luminous efficiency: 200lm/full rGb
  • V./50 Hz.: 12v/-60 Hz
  • Power: 8W
  • Lighting range: 120°
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Degree of protection: IP68 (1 m)
  • Insulation class: CLASS III
  • Low power consumption
  • Installation savings
  • No risk of sunburn
  • Without danger to eyes
  • Safe for children
  • easy to use
  • TUV Certified


LED Underwater Light LED Underwater Light
18 LED White Underwater Light 36 LED RGB Light with Remote

Technical specifications:

  • 12V / 9.7W
  • Light color white (6500 K)
  • at 180 ° beam angle: 804 lumens, at 120 ° beam angle 660 lumens
  • 18 LEDs
  • for inlet nozzles with internal thread 1 1/2 "
  • Program: on and off (without remote control)
  • Lifetime 10,000 h

Technical specifications:


  • 12V / 7.8W
  • 7 colors in 3 programs
  • 203 lumens (180 °)
  • 36 LEDs
  • for inlet nozzles with internal thread 1 1/2 "
  • approx. life 15,000 h



  • Low energy consumption
  • Labour-saving
  • Long life span
  • No risk of overheating
  • Not dangerous to the eyes
  • Childproof
  • Easy installation
  • Easy handling

Thanks to the production by means of a polycarbonate injection process, the product is extremely shock-resistant, heat-resistant and extremely resistant to chemical water treatment agents. A specially developed for underwater lighting optics with friction welded connection ensures excellent distribution of light in the pool, which shines in a harmonious way and the bathers does not dazzle.

Simply remove the front cover and unscrew the return nozzle. Position the washer of the spotlight in the direction of the wall bushing and screw on the nozzle again. Take the supplied adapter if the existing nozzle type does not fit. Pass the cable under the edge and connect to the power supply.

LED Underwater Light

Installation Tips
Pass the cable under the edge. This prevents it from being pulled out.
When used for the first time, the supplied remote control must be paired with the spotlight.
For a light and easy pairing: Connect the transformer to a multiple socket with on / off switch.
It is imperative that you comply with the prescribed safety distances and that main power sources are not installed within less than 3.5 meters of the bathing area.

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